Common Customs Misconceptions That You Must Clear Right Away

Customs and shipment transactions can be very much confusing because of how deep the entire matter is. If in any case you are feeling overwhelmed by the intricacies of this field, it is an experienced customs broker who can help you out. They will be able to provide you with thorough guidance about the entry procedures, the requirements related to admissibility, valuation, classification and duties and taxes. Despite the help and guidance, there exists a lot of misconceptions about the customs clearance as a whole and here we are debunking them. 

The customs broker is solely responsible for your duties and fees

The broker is never entitled to pay your duties and taxes. If you are paying to the broker, it does not alleviate you off the responsibilities as an importer. The broker is only there to help you through the process and prevent you from making mistakes. In order to not end up paying twice, it is best to pay the customs directly and not rely upon the brokers at all. 

The overall customs process will remain same year after year

Like the entire industry, the customs process is also meant to change every year. To keep on top of these changes, a customs broker will be helping you out on this. They will tell you why a change is happening and which one of them will be mattering to you. If you are stuck at any point, they are there to help you out through this. If you hire a broker, it does not end your responsibilities right there. It is more of a partnership where both of you has to contribute. 

An addition of undocumented freight in the shipment will not make much of a difference 

Doing a task of this height is nothing less of smuggling. And this is also very illegal to begin with. It does not matter what you are taking unaccounted for, anything large or small, it will always be against the laws. Since there are no shortcuts to compliance and since no reputed customs broker will be appreciating these practices, you must try your best to prevent doing it. It is your duty to let your broker know about every single additional freight that gets added to the shipment every time. This will help you prevent unnecessary fines in the future. 

Having a reliable customs broker like with you will make you confident through the process and help you avoid mistakes.