What Can You Do if Your Loved One Passed Away in a Car Accident?

Car accidents, in general, are one of the most devastating incidents. With thousands of accidents occurring every year, many results in fatalities. While there are various reasons for fatalities in car accidents, one of the common reasons is another driver being negligent behind the wheel. 

If your loved one passes away in a car crash, you can file a claim against the negligent party. While no amount can help you overcome your loved one’s demise or bring them back, getting financial compensation will help you move ahead with your life and release some burden. A Utah Injury Attorney can assist you in seeking justice for your loved one’s death and filing compensation. 

Who can file the claim after a fatal accident?

The law is strict with who can seek compensation following the demise of a person in a car accident. A few people who are eligible for seeking compensation are as follows: 

  • Spouse of the dead person. 
  • Parents. 
  • Children and grandchildren. 

However, one can also seek financial compensation if they are entitled to the deceased person’s property. These may include siblings, partners, or more. 

What type of damages can you claim after filing a claim?

After the demise of a person in a car accident, the victim’s family is entitled to get compensation similar to what they would have if the person were alive. After filing a claim, you can get compensation for the following:

  • Funeral and burial expenses. 
  • Financial loss due to the person’s death. 
  • Loss of emotional support, affection, and relationships. 
  • Expected financial losses in the future. 

Any additional cost associated with the person’s death can be compensated. 

When should you file a claim?

It is vital to understand when to file a claim after a wrongful death through a car accident. You need to ensure you have sufficient evidence against the at-fault party. Lack of evidence can result in the insurance company declining your claim or lowering your settlement amount. 

Before you file a claim, make sure you speak to an experienced lawyer. A lawyer can examine your case and assist you from the beginning. Additionally, you may not be in the right mental state to go through the legal proceedings. This is where a lawyer steps in and understands your situation. 

A lawyer will work with other experts and gather evidence of negligence against the at-fault party. They will also keep you updated with the process and keep you out of the hassle as much as possible.