5 Time When You Should Speak To A Tax Advisor 

A  business owner performs hundreds of business tasks every day. Filing and managing taxes is another added responsibility that seems like a burden. Therefore, it is advised to hire a CPA in St. James, Long Island. These are experienced professionals who provide valuable taxation advice that helps you save business money. Additionally, they display the financial position of your company. If you are a business owner and thinking when you need a tax advisor, we have got you covered. This article highlights some occasions when you need a tax advisor. Here we go! 

Time To Speak To A Tax Advisor 

1. Starting a Business

When you start your own business, it is best to consult with an experienced tax advisor as they clearly explain different tax implications. This allows you to make informed decisions about entity selection. These experts provide in-depth guidance on tax deductions and obligations.

2. Major Life Event 

Tax ramifications may arise from significant life events, including marriage, divorce, childbirth or adoption, inheritance, or moving. In order to ensure compliance and maximize tax outcomes, seeking advice from a tax expert throughout these periods can assist you in navigating the complicated tax regulations pertaining to filing status, dependents, alimony, property transfers, and residency status.

3. Investment Decisions

A tax advisor offers guidance on the implications of purchasing or holding complicated financial products such as stocks and bonds. It also includes mutual funds or cryptocurrency while making investment decisions. They also provide complete assistance in finding tax-efficient investing methods and comprehending the tax treatment of investment income. Additionally, they play an important role in minimizing capital gains taxes.

4. Retirement Planning

When making retirement plans, there are several tax implications that you must consider. These include contributions and withdrawals from retirement accounts and Social Security benefits. It also includes pension income and retirement lifestyle decisions. You can optimize retirement funds, reduce taxes during your retirement years, and create a tax-efficient retirement plan with the assistance of a tax expert.

5. IRS Audits or Notices

If you receive any correspondence regarding taxes, including audit notices and letters from the IRS, it is advisable to see a tax professional. They can answer notices and settle tax disputes. They also defend you during IRS audits, and offer advice on how to handle tricky tax situations to get the best result.

Wrapping Up 

As a business owner you must hire a tax advisor now! These are the top 5 occasions when you should speak to a tax advisor.