Your guide on strengthening employees' trust in the market segmentation

Your guide on strengthening employees’ trust in the market segmentation

Market segmentation is a very effective strategy for companies because it allows them to know and understand the needs of customers enough to send a message that guarantees brand success. Check why it is very important to know how to create a survey for successful market segmentation in the article below.

Celebrate successes and take steps to improve market segmentation with the online surveys

Some managers are afraid of anonymous feedback from employees, thinking that the information may be biased and useless. But when you tell employees to take an open vote, they know that the information will be analyzed, and that leads to much more distrust. Show trust in employees and offer them to complete an anonymous survey, telling about all the problematic points.

There is no consensus on how often to make surveys to employees. Each company must find its own style in conducting surveys, depending on its characteristics. The online survey is in an abbreviated version that can be given once every few months, half a year, after the end of the project, or, if necessary, after solving difficult tasks (both successful and not).

Advantages of the market segmentation services

The advantage of the market segmentation services is that it can find the right audience, as well as:

  • Respondents are selected according to the parameters you specify (gender, age, place of residence), according to ready-made audience segments from CRM.
  • To design a survey, there are ready-made templates and the ability to create a questionnaire on your own.

And remember that critical feedback is viewed negatively because it involves a “blind spot.” If you decide to give a colleague negative feedback, follow the advice of psychologist Marcy Losada. According to his theory, the optimal ratio of criticism to praise is 6:1. This means that an employee needs six positive comments for one negative one.