Understanding Reach SCIP and Its Importance

SCIP is an online database that has been established to improve reach substances of very serious concern effectively. Whenever products are placed in the European Union market, they have to be reported on this online database to ensure their level of substance of very serious concern is not above the threshold. Even if they are, they are reported properly.

 SCIP makes sure that:

  • Labels are correct
  • Above threshold, things are reported
  • Health concerns are kept in check

Name and Function

This database has been named SCIP because it has all the information regarding the substances of concern present in the products.

SCIP is a publicly available database. The public can access these substances of concern, and they can even compare the standard values with the quantity in their products.

History of SCIP

In 2019 user test group and a stakeholder workshop were held. In the first half of 2020, a prototype version of the SCIP database was launched. Later in 2020, a deadline was announced for member states to ensure that SCIP requirements are added to the laws.

In the second half of 2020, it was possible for people to add the REACH data to the SCIP database. In 2021 SCIP notification was made compulsory.

Access and Convenience

Having SCIP online database makes it easier for everyone to enter their data for the state to ensure that data is kept updated and publicly available. Previously it was never possible to keep a check on substances of concern due to manual system drawbacks, but now an online database is available with the latest updates every day.

The online database system has made tracking substances of concern miraculously easier than it has ever been in the past.

SCIP declarations apply depending on the supply chain, and it has to be imposed on importers, assemblies, manufacturers, and distributors of items in the European countries. If you are a small business or a big manufacturer who wants to offer products to the European market, then your trade will be directly under the impact of SCIP reporting.

You need to check REACH SCIP when you wish to trade in Europe so that you don’t end up trying to trade anything that is not registered and might be rejected, causing a loss. Consulting a consultant regarding REACH RCIP can provide you with an orientation of the guidelines.

The database is online and accessible to everyone; however, having a one-to-one session with a consultant will help you better understand SCIP without wasting your time in figuring things out.