Travelling to Venice? Don’t Miss Out These 5 Things

Venice is known as the ‘’Jewel of Italy’’ and a romantic gateway for tourists especially newlywed couples. With abundance of history, this region of the world has various architectural monuments, several fun activities, and will give memorable vacation experience. In my opinion, you must discover Venice once in a lifetime due to its architectural value, friendly hosts, and cuisine. If you are an avid commuter and want to explore every beautiful spot of the world, then only can help you in this matter. This website offers Emirates discount code to travelers that they can exploit to book their flight tickets in a manageable budget. What more could you ask for? So, forget about travel expenses and focus on your packing and enjoyment. If you have booked your tickets to Venice, then don’t forget to read this post because we are going to mention some important things of Venice that you must explore as a tourist. Keep scrolling to reveal our top picks.

Explore the Bridges:

Venice is filled with canals and bridges. If you are in Venice, then your focus must be on bridges because these bridges are really attracting due to the flowing water underneath, sidewalks, and stunning buildings around. These bridges are mostly consist of different sizes and styles and considered as the iconic symbols of Venice. The most popular bridge is Rialto that offers spectacular views and atmosphere.

Eat Fish:

This town is also famous for some unseen fishes. If you are a foodie, the try some fish with your family. This fish is prepared in Italian style that makes your trip’s fun almost double. It offers such an unforgettable experience to visitors. You can also eat crabs, shrimps, and different types of fishes. You can easily find these things in Chioggia market which provides original Venetian experience.

The Dog’s Palace:

Are you interested in traditional and unique palaces? If yes, then visit this palace on priority basis. Its impeccable architecture is truly admirable and really beautiful from the interior and exterior. It also holds a specific exhibition corner that contains information about this palace. You can get a guided tour for complete insight. Make use of emirates discount code from and get ultimate mark down on travel costs and expenditures.

Participate in the Carnival:

The carnival of Venice is a colorful festival which takes place every year. It includes live theater, performances, and dances which shows the Venetian culture. Many people love to participate in this fest and it is a major reason to visit Venice. This carnival is mostly consists of historic elements and elegant shows.

Drink like a Venetian:

After visiting historic and traditional places, eat and drink in the famous restaurants and behave like a Venetian. These things will double the fun of your holiday. From refreshing drinks to special delicacies, there is something for everyone. Use emirates discount code from and catch unbelievable concession on flights and travel to your favorite country.