Most common causes of delay in cancer diagnosis

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases ever known to mankind. It is the leading cause of death in many countries. Fighting cancer takes not only courage but also a high level of treatment at the right time. Although cancer is known as a disease which doesn’t have any guaranteed cure, it can be cured with a proper diagnosis if detected and treated at an early stage. A slight delay in detecting and diagnosing cancer can reduce the possibility of curing cancer drastically. Here comes the need of Syracuse Delayed Cancer diagnosis lawyers

Here are some common causes of delay in cancer diagnosis:

Patients fail to detect symptoms

Due to poor public awareness, patients often fail to detect symptoms of cancer in the first stage. This is one of the main reasons for the delay in cancer diagnosis. Many patients even ignore symptoms which worsens the situation over time.

Failure of doctors to detect symptoms

Cancer has many symptoms. The symptoms of cancer are also common symptoms of many other diseases. This confuses doctors too. Many health institutes don’t allow their doctors to perform a diagnosis before knowing that the disease is cancer. This also becomes one of the most common causes of delay in cancer diagnosis.

The inefficiency of screening tests

Some of the most famous tests which are performed to detect cancer are mammography, PSA blood tests and colonoscopies. These tests also have their shortcomings. If all the tests are insufficient, the screening test might not detect cancer in some cases. This sometimes becomes a reason for the delay in cancer diagnosis.

Delay or inefficient methods used by doctors

Cancer treatment is an expensive method. Most hospitals discourage doctors to perform costly tests which might not seem important. The delay usually occurs due to the doctor’s delay in making the right decision and because of the huge time taken in primary care.

There are many stages in treating cancer. Cancer itself has many stages too. Diagnosis done in stage 1 of cancer can prove quite effective. The treatment of cancer starts from the primary stages where the patient might not be able to detect possible symptoms of cancer. Physicians might also delay in providing the right treatment during the primary stage. Then the delay can be made by doctors too because of different external and internal factors. These may lead to the situation of the patient getting worse.