Looking for exciting things to do in London? Follow the list below

London, the most visited place in Europe attracts millions of visitors every year. With heritage buildings, century-old museums, beautiful parks, iconic bridges and popular studios, it came as no surprise as to why it tops the chart for many travellers. In fact, visiting here will allow you to explore the diverse culture and rich history of the city. At least that’s what I can say from my last experience of visiting London which was simply great. And it’s not just about me, you can explore London for yourself by having your international flight booking made in advance and referring to our guide below. You can bookmark some of these places and the activities that you can conduct here on reach.     

Stroll at The Westminster Bridge

Considered as the political hub of London, Westminster Bridge is situated over River Thames in the heart of the city. Admired for its classic Gothic architecture, the bridge has become a prominent landmark that is visited by tourists exploring the wonders of the city. With the London Eye on one side and the Country Hall on the other, the position of this bridge is such that you can easily visit the city’s most magnificent sights and landmarks. While strolling along the broad pavements of this bridge, you can have the most beautiful view of the River Thames with the buildings lining on both sides of it.    

Indulge in activities at the Hyde Park

One of the most phenomenal and largest royal parks in the world, Hyde Park in London has a lot of historical significance. Located in the centre of the city, it offers a host of activities for visitors ranging from swimming, boating, tennis, hiking, horse riding, jogging, skating and much more. Surrounded by countless varieties of trees and flowers and a beautiful sparkling lake, the mesmerizing beauty of Hyde Park draws a large number of visitors from all over the world. Besides, the park is also home to a wide variety of birds and insects and therefore heaven for birdwatchers and wildlife photographers. You can try horse riding here and explore the park in the process. Trust me, you will love the experience.  

Watch Filmmaking at Warner Bros. Studio

Stretching over an area of 110 acres of land, Warner Bros. Studio is a remarkable place to visit in the United Kingdom. Being a renowned Film Studio, the place is filled with an extravagant setup consisting of fourteen exterior sets, thirty-six sound stages and seventeen re-recording stages. Here, you will also come across six ADR stages and a full range of service departments related to production and rental facilities. Whether it’s your all-time favourite Casablance or the best-loved Friends comedy series, you can see the making of this remarkable scene when they were filmed.   

Explore Guildhall Art Gallery

Situated next to the historic Guildhall, Guildhall Art Gallery in the UK houses some of the most prestigious art collections. Built out of stone, this semi-Gothic structure has a beautiful interior that reflects the Victorian styles. From drawings, paintings, and sculptures the art gallery is popular among the tourist for all sorts of art exhibits. Built in the year 1885, this place has undergone complete demolition during the air raids of World War II. Although much of the art was lost during this time, the art gallery was later restored. And the best part of all this is that it has been able to capture the old charm of the city through its remains and the art exhibits.     

Revive the Old Memories at Abbey Road

A famous road in London, Abbey Road is mainly known for the Beatles Studio’s located here. This long stretch of paths begins in Kilburn and ends at the t-junction between Grove End Road and Garden Road. The main attraction of this road is the crossing which first appears in the cover image of Beatle’s music album. Take a walk to Abbey Road and get some pictures to relive the memories of the renowned rock band. Also, do visit the iconic Abbey Road Studio of Beatles where they carried out their music production between 1962 to 1970.     

Spent some Quality Time at The Crystal Palace Park

Best known for recreational activities, Crystal Palace Park is located in Southeast London. It is a one-of-a-kind place where the locals and the tourists visit for indulging in leisurely activities. Besides, the strategic location of this park with various man-made heritages surrounding the area makes this a prominent location for spending some quality time. In this park, you can also have a cherishing view of the central axis and Grand Terraces which reflects the old times. The best part of this park is that has a museum that houses old photos, artefacts, ceramics and documents of the place. But above all what will attract you the most is its quite natural surroundings which act as a catalyst for relaxing. 

London has the most beautiful places in the city where exploration is only a part of the journey as you can indulge in a lot of exciting things to make your trip memorable. So plan your trip now, fly to your dream destination and check out these must-do things that are mentioned above.