Few Pros And Cons That You Will Find While Living In Illinois

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Illinois is considered to be the best place in the USA to live. It has become famous due to Chicago, which is the second-most populous city in the country. Many people however have decided to live in Illinois after looking at both the pros as well as cons of living in this state.

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Now let us discuss a few pros and cons while living in Illinois state:


1.     The economy is quite strong

Illinois has the 5th largest GDP in the USA and also is considered to be the most diversified economy in the world.

2.     Illinois is the main hub of many Fortune500 companies

You just name any successful company, you will find their office located in Chicago.

3.     The minimum average salary also will soon go up

As you will find many job opportunities in Illinois, hence you will always be offered a better salary.

4.     Illinois is a state of sportsman

There is a very strong sports culture that is prevalent here and if you are a sports lover then you will love to live here.

5.     You can get the best food in Illinois

If you are a foodie then you will get here the best foods in the USA.

6.     The close vicinity of Chicago city

Chicago is the biggest city in the world which is quite near.

7.     You can see beautiful architecture

You can see tall buildings with beautiful architecture here.

8.     Very strong culture and history

Illinois has a very strong culture and historical background.

9.     Very affordable to stay in Illinois

The cost of living is not high at all and most people find living here is quite affordable.

10. Very hospitable people

Illinois is a multicultural place where everyone is welcome.


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1.     The crime rate is too high

The crime rate is much higher than the average national figure. About 16% of crimes are violent, and 23% are property-related.

2.     Taxes are very high

Being a economical hub, the salary is much higher and hence attracts more taxes.

3.     Traffic is scary

Being very congested due to the bigger population it is very common to find a traffic jam.

4.     Winters are extremely harsh

Winters are very chilly cold and harsh.

5.     Prone to natural disasters

Illinois is highly vulnerable to lighting, thunderstorms, floods, and tornadoes

By looking at all the pros and cons, you can decide whether moving to Illinois will be your great choice or not. However, nobody will deny, the living experience that Illinois can offer will be exceptional.