Everything you should know about a vacuum oven before buying one

Are you looking for good-quality vacuum ovens? Vacuum ovens and chambers need so many accessories to work with. 

A vacuum oven is a popular piece of equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. The main purpose of a vacuum oven is vacuum drying. 

In vacuum drying, a wet solid surface will lose moisture and dry due to the vacuum created. There are several companies like Ledab that sell vacuum ovens in the country. To know more about them, read along. 

Features of vacuum oven

Manufacturers take special care to make vacuum ovens with stainless steel or cast iron because the material can withstand the high vacuum pressure.

The standard operating temperature of a vacuum oven is 200 to 250 degrees celsius. Accessories like high-quality gas chambers, gasket seals, and pumps are necessary for a vacuum oven to fully function. 

You can buy the accessories together and assemble them yourself. Usually, a vacuum oven and other equipment come with user manuals to guide assembly and use.

Nowadays, vacuum ovens with programmable features are available. With the help of a computer program, you can now control the pressure and other conditions inside the vacuum chamber. Some sophisticated vacuum ovens have special features like solvent recovery, residual gas analysis, etc. 

There are lots of applications for vacuum ovens in the research field. You have to look for the model which has the features necessary for your line of work. For instance, if you are dealing with flammable solvents, you can rely on an oven with the special features mentioned above. 

How to use a vacuum oven?

  1. Set the oven to the desired temperature.
  2. Ensure all the dials in the vacuum oven are closed. 
  3. After placing the test substance inside the oven, turn on the vacuum pump
  4. Open the vacuum dial to evacuate the oven.
  5. After use, you can turn off the pump and close the vacuum dial.
  6. Open the oven door only when the pressure returns to normal.
  7. The final step is to retrieve the sample. 

Why vacuum purge the test substance before drying?

Across the industry, people first vacuum purge the test sample to get rid of volatile substances. It will lower the atmospheric pressure and prevent the outgassing of the test sample. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Vacuum drying using an oven is one of the fastest ways to dry specimens. It will cause no damage to the material, and pollution concerns are also low. But handlers have to ensure that they are correctly using the equipment to get the best results.