Why are businesses switching to video ads to promote business?

Digital advertising is the main picture of any business. Visuals play an important role in convincing the present customer about what message the ad is trying to convey. Video ads generate more views and traffic than any other ad. Thus, it has become one of the major trends for any type of business. Even the servicemen like doctors, lawyers, and engineers are taking support of the video to explain the roles played by them.

Experts like Benjy Films video production have beautifully explained the various reasons how people are benefitting from video ads. People demand creativity and visually appealing content. For instance, it would be great to know how a dress would look on a model in a video ad than just browsing through some stills.

Why are businesses switching to video ads to promote business?

Brand popularity:

An ad that has more visibility and views enjoy better performance than others. Thus, you can think of promoting your business that can generate popularity for your ad.

Lead generation:

Visuals have more chances of leads than stills and prints. It is because people get to see the real version of how a product looks like when used. Beauty and skin products have enjoyed a great demand due to bloggers and influencers who have used creativity in their visual promotions.

Global promotion:

With help of digital marketing, you can expand your business to any extent. Brands that have a vision of international business are able to promote their product and services globally through social media platforms.

Sharing options:

Another advantage of using visuals in business is the sharing option on social media platforms. Instead of the company reaching out to others, people forward the links to each other and recommend products to their friends, colleagues, and family. Thus, the more shares can make you expect more promotion and thus, more leads.

Free publicity:

Unlike other hoardings, prints, and still shoots, video ads are a one-time investment. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in promotions as the people and influencers take care of it. Influencer marketing also works on barter without letting you spends anything on product promotions.


Social media and online platforms make the ad engaging directly with the audience. Thus, the traditional media methods are now becoming outdated. One video ad can be shared on multiple platforms at one go which is highly cost-effective. To know more on the cost of creating a video ad, contact Benjy Films video production.