What Do I Do Now After My Partner Just Requested a Divorce?

Depending on the result you want, there are several things you might attempt when your husband asks for a divorce while you are unsure of what to do. Hearing your spouse declare, “I’m filing for divorce,” whether it came as a complete surprise to you or you suspected it would be unsettling. Your partner may claim they are done with the marriage, even though you are willing to do whatever to keep it together. You may seek help from a gig harbor divorce attorney.

And if you genuinely want to keep the marriage together, you must show that you can address the issues that have arisen. You should carefully consider what led one of you to desire a divorce while the other did not. What actions can you take to modify your conduct to prevent divorce? You should consider the complaints your spouse has made during your marriage in order to determine this.

You may think it’s unfair that you are required to undergo all the change, but when your partners reach their breaking point and you wish to make it work, you will be the one who needs to initiate the first significant step toward significant change. Keep in mind that nothing is truly over until it is. Even partners who claim they want a divorce may not be adamant about getting one.

Your family lawyer will be able to provide you with advice on how to try to avoid getting divorced, keep your marriage intact, or simply terminate it gracefully. They will advise you against acting irrationally out of rage, being vindictive or rude, or even seeming desperate if your spouse files for divorce. These behaviors might destroy not only your chances of ending the marriage gently but also your chances of salvaging your marriage.

A child custody dispute down the road won’t make you seem good if you act out in ways like using drugs, drinking too much, getting involved in the bar scene, and flirting. These actions won’t help you and your spouse sort things out in the long run. Begging, purchasing gifts for your partner, spreading rumors about your partner, idealizing your relationship or yourself, and manipulation won’t make things any better. There are several ways to manipulate someone, many of which will reflect poorly on you, including stating things like “I love you” or “Read novels about marriage and love to your partner.