Unique epoxy terrazzo flooring, why? 

Epoxy terrazzo flooring is a high-performance, water-resistant, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly flooring material. It is applicable both inside and outside.

Epoxy terrazzo flooring has the following unique features:

  1. Excellent resistance to chemical attack;
  2. High mechanical strength;
  3. Excellent dimensional stability;
  4. Low expansion (no shrinking);
  5. Good water absorption properties;
  6. Highly resistant to wear;
  7. Waterproof and dirt repellent (self-cleaning property);
  8. High abrasion resistance (can be used on industrial floors without any preparation);
  9. Non-flammable
  10.   sustainable – it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), harmful solvents, or heavy metals
  11.   eco-friendly – it is recycled on-site by using steel drums instead of landfill sites
  12.   easy installation – it can be installed by hand or machine with simple tools

Know about epoxy terrazzo flooring

Epoxy terrazzo flooring is a very popular and versatile product that can be used in any flooring application. It is made of a mixture of cementitious materials that are mixed with glass fibers and reinforcement materials to form a dense and strong flooring material. The surface of epoxy terrazzo has a natural appearance and it can be finished to match any style or design.

Epoxy terrazzo flooring is available in many different colors and patterns. Each color has its unique characteristics, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The most common colors include brown, gray, white, and black. There are also several different patterns available such as diamond cut, chevron cut, slat patterned, and more. As with any type of tile, epoxy terrazzo flooring is available in a range of colors and designs. It can be installed over almost any surface including concrete, wood, and even metal.

Epoxy terrazzo flooring is a type of tile that has been used for decades. It has a high-quality appearance, but it is also very durable and easy to install.

Sustainable epoxy terrazzo flooring

Epoxy terrazzo flooring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For indoor use, it can be used on floors where there is no heavy foot traffic such as hallways or other areas where people don’t walk on them all day long such as large bedrooms or living rooms. For outdoor use, epoxy terrazzo flooring can be installed on any hard surface such as concrete or asphalt paving stones, patios and pool decks, etc. Which makes it perfect for commercial properties where there is heavy foot traffic throughout the day from employees who have to walk through these areas during their breaks, etc.

Epoxy terrazzo flooring is a very durable and durable material that can withstand the high temperatures of a hot-water tank. It has high heat resistance, so it is safe to use in direct contact with water.

It is resistant to humidity, which makes it ideal for use in places where there are large amounts of moisture or steam, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Epoxy terrazzo flooring does not absorb moisture, so it does not have to be sealed after installation.