Some Useful Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend so You Can Understand Him More

Boyfriend is more than just a friend. You will find that it is special partner that will be so reliable and it is precious person for you. In this case, having a nice boyfriend can give you nice feeling and surely it makes you want to know more about him. In this case, you can have questions to ask your boyfriend. These questions can be quite useful to deepen your relationship. You will know him better so later you can also love him more. As he answers your questions, you may also give your own answer for the questions so it can become nice conversation between you and your boyfriend. Some questions are quite simple but there are also some questions that you need you to consider twice before asking since you may need special momentum to ask it so your boyfriend does not feel awkward or uncomfortable to give the answer.

First question is: what is your love language? This can be your first question that you can give to your boyfriend. Knowing the love language will be necessary to spice up your relationship. This may sound simple, but when you know his love language and he also knows your love language, it can be useful in your communication. By knowing the answer, you can know how to express your love and you may also know how to respond when he shows his love language to you. It is because some people may feel awkward to show the love language and it will be great when both sides are aware of it.

Next question is: what makes you attracted to me? This is something interesting as a question. You should know the first impression that make him interested in you. By knowing it, at least you can maintain your attractive part so he will always has his focus on you. This is good way so he will always see you and love you and has no ideas of other attractive girls. This may also become good way to help you knowing him better. Of course, you should also know what he does not like so you are able to avoid it. this is really important in relationship since you may see him often so you should make sure that he will always has good impression about you, and most importantly, he will always feel comfortable around you. In this case, you may also share your idea why you are interested in your boyfriend.

When you need other questions, you can try asking him about his fear for the relationship. This is important and you may need to find good momentum to give the question. It is quite serious questions and you will really need to know the answer. It can be important information that later can make your love deeper and strengthen the relationship. By knowing the fear, both of you can try to avoid or solve the fear. Since it is already discussed, it will no longer become serious fear and you can have deeper relationship with your beloved boyfriend. 

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