Reasons of Skin Dullness or Uneven Texture & Ways to Deal with these Issues

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A valid reason behind your diffidence and insecure nature can be uneven and dull skin tone. Definitely, skin is the major organ of body that bears the effects of weather. It is necessary to figure out the causes of your uneven skin and find some effective ways to get radiant and even tone skin. For your assistance, Sephora coupon code is offered to get polypeptide moisturizer, extra strength peel, Vitamin C daily serum, toning glycolic acid, resurfacing night serum, glow dream mask, hydration toner, night anti-aging moisturizer and vitamin C rose oil on economical rate.

Causes of Skin Dullness

  • Dehydration

Most of the women keep themselves busy in the home or office tasks and ignore the intake of water in required amount. Dehydration makes the skin dull and inelastic. Make it your routine to drink more water and apply face serum to bind moisturizer in the skin.

  • Insufficient Moisturizer

If you feel dry or stretchy skin, make use of moisturizer to maintain its vitality and freshness. Apply quality moisturizer in the morning and at night to hydrate the skin layer and maintain its delicacy.

In winter season, skin gets dry immediately, so it becomes essential to keep on using the moisturizer to avoid lifeless and dull looking skin texture.

  • Accumulation of Dead Cells

Dead cells are dropped and new cells emerge on regular basis. In case, the dead cells cannot be replaced, they get accumulated on the skin and give patchy, flaky and dull look.

  • Aging

It is an unavoidable factor but you can slow the aging course of action by regular skin care treatment, hydration and taking healthy meal. Acquire Sephora coupon code for selecting face oil, face masks, glow serums and anti-aging oil on cut rate.

Treatments for Dull Looking Skin

  • Treat your Skin Gently

First of all, remove the dirt and makeup from your skin in gentle way. Use of drying soaps and harsh type of scrubs can lead to irritation, tightness, patchy skin and redness. Use cleansing oil for removing sunscreen or makeup and then wash the face to get rid from additional oil.

  • Say No to Hot Water

Do not try to use hot water even if it is winter season. Hot water can take out the natural oil and cause irritation and extreme dryness. Lukewarm water is the best for face wash and cleansing purpose. After face wash, use a moisturizer cleanser containing almond oil, shea butter or coconut oil.

  • Regular Exfoliation

For a glowing and radiant skin, exfoliation plays a primary role as it discards the dead cells and unclogs the pores. It does not only remove the dead cells but also exposes the fresh layer to show a young and healthy skin. If exfoliation is performed on regular terms, it can improve collagen production and cell turnover. Do not exfoliate the skin more than two times in a week. After performing exfoliation, use moisturizer to secure the new cells.

  • Use of Serums

In order to boost the skin and eliminate the aging signs, make use of serums twice a day just after cleansing process. Get Sephora coupon code to buy Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Ferulic acid based serums to tackle hyper-pigmentation and dullness.