Read To Know About Hardwood Timber Flooring

This type of flooring is also known as solid timber flooring and is made from real timber that is slowly grown trees in the forest. This type of material will have a very beautiful and fine grain of wood and generally are much heavier than any other type of floorboard.

For many years hardwood floors were the premium choice and they can also last for many years. Solid wood flooring will offer a very smooth and durable finish and will offer a natural warmth in your home environment. They also have a unique quality and that is why they will look more beautiful as they will age. 

The flooring Domain directory can help you to source this kind of flooring material as there are large number of suppliers listed in their directory. They are available in the following  2 forms:

  1. Pre-finished timber flooring

This will certainly be a more convenient choice as a flooring material as they will be sanded, treated as well as sealed after manufacturing. You can install them faster as this material will not require any acclimatization prior to installation

This variety of floor will be much durable as there will be a protecting coating available that is done in a very professional manner in the factory. 

  1. Raw timber flooring 

This variety is in raw form and that needs coating and proper finishing too after their installation. You can choose your colour and finish after the flooring is done. 

Both of these types of flooring can be re-sanded or re-polished to revitalise the looks of the floor. There are suppliers available that you can find from Flooring Domain to offer you both these types of materials for your flooring requirements. 

Solid Wood vs. Engineered Wood Flooring Comparison Guide

Solid wood timber vs. engineered timber flooring

The engineered timber flooring will be much more affordable as compared to solid wood floors and also they are a more apartment-friendly option. Since engineered timber has got a thin veneer of real timber that has been fused to a plywood core, while solid wood is real wood.

Benefits of solid wood floor:

  • You can sand and polish as many times to remove scratches
  • It is more water-resistant and can be used in kitchens
  • This is a premium variety and hence will increase the value of the property
  • Since it is a natural material and hence it will have no volatile organic compound emission.

Benefits of engineered timber floor

  • The installation will be faster as they employ a click-lock system instead of gluing or nailing option.
  • In the apartments where strict noise policies are enforced where this will be a preferable choice
  • They are more resistant to warping or cupping and hence dimensionally will remain more stable. Also, not much affected due to moisture or temperature.
  • More affordable option comparatively

If you ever need any kind of services e.g. product supply or delivery, installation of wooden floor, repair and layers, polishing and sanding, painting, epoxy, and any other coatings, stripping out, removal, demolition, and repairs, you can contact Flooring Domain who can support for almost any of such services.