Pawn Shops Brisbane have been around for ages. But how did pawnbroking start? How did pawnbrokers get where they are today? One thing is for sure a pawnshop has played an essential role throughout history and is a critical part of the world’s financial industry. 

The Beginning 

About 3000 years ago in China, Greece, and Rome, pawnshops were crucial in commerce and finance as people traded in gold. The pawnbrokers worked independently, offering short-term credit to peasants for their gold or other precious metals. 

The trend continued into Ancient Rome and Greece, making it more mainstream. Many citizens looked for a start-up income to start a business. The business owners would pay back their loans and interest using businesses as collateral once it took off. 

During the middle ages, the Catholic Church started limiting how much interest was charged to citizens. As a result, it halted the development of the pawnshop. Once pawnbrokers proved that short-term credit was viable and a way of financing the start-up businesses to give the poor temporary aid, the church relaxed the restrictions. 

You even saw pawnshops in the history of England’s King Edward III in 1388. He pawned his royal gold jewels to obtain finance for the war against France. Even Christopher Columbus paid for his expeditions by pawing the Queen of Spain’s gold jewellery. 

Still, pawn shops were not only for the wealthy in the 19th century but were used mainly by the poor. The poor pawned their clothes on a Monday to help them make it through the week to pay for them on a Friday to get them back. 

In 1872, the Pawnbrokers Act set up regulations to protect pawn shops if they mistakenly sold stolen items. Traditional symbol pawn shops also use three gold balls from the Medici family crest dating to the 14th century. 

Why Use a Pawn Dealer?

When unexpected events arise and you need cash flow, it is one of the most common reasons to pay your local pawn shop Brisbane dealer a visit. However, as we head into 2022 with rising inflation, it is getting worse for folks and taking advantage of this age-old financial aid helps. 

If you need fast cash, you may not have crown jewels, but the gold jewellery in your possession can secure you with a pawn loan. When visiting a pawn shop the dealer will evaluate your gold jewellery and gems. 

They will provide you with an offer based on the precious metals’ purity, weight, and current market price. In addition, you will receive a percentage of the item’s value. You will then complete an agreement form to repay the loan with interest before the expiry to retain your goods.

Once done, you will walk out of the pawnshop with your pawn ticket and cash in hand. No matter your financial needs or credit score, a pawnbroker will help you without delay. You also have the opportunity to get money for gold when selling your jewellery to a pawn shop.