LED Video Wall Advertising: Why It’s Better Than Traditional Billboard Advertising?

One key element of successful advertising is effective communication with the customer about your products and services, whether it’s direct communication or indirect communication. 

Your business depends on effective communication because that’s what would help you retain customers permanently. Working on the quality of your product is just half the job; convincing people that it’s worth their money is the main thing. That’s why everybody needs advertising. 

Billboard Advertising

Traditionally the most widely used advertising method was billboard advertising. Large billboards would be installed in congested areas, high-traffic areas, and markets. 

These billboards would attract the attention of people driving on highways or visiting a market or mall for shopping. In addition to that, the advertising companies would earn from letting people use their billboards. 

It’s an old-school method of advertising, but it’s still commonly and widely used in many parts of the world. 

LED Video Wall Advertising

As times change, things get better and better through innovation. The traditional billboards are now getting replaced by LED video walls. 

Companies like Nummax are helping people out by making high-quality LED video walls. Just like a billboard, the LED video walls are also installed on highways, in malls, and on high-traffic roads. 

However, this type of advertisement is way better than traditional billboard advertising, and here is why:

  1. Flexibility 

Flexibility is the main strength of video walls because it is something that traditional billboards just cannot achieve. 

While a traditional billboard can hold only one or a few advertisements at the same time, video walls can display as many as you want. Along with that, each ad can be given a specific duration for display. 

Also, the advertisement does not need to be taken down and replaced in the traditional hectic way. Now, that process is just a one-click process! 

You can also modify or change the message of your advertisement at any moment you want, and replacing the old version of your advertisement would not be a problem at all. 

  1. High Visual Impact

LED video walls like Nummax LED video wall, are more attractive than billboards because they display content as video. Videos grab our attention more than static images. That’s why LED video wall advertisements have a higher visual impact.

  1. High Luminosity 

Bright lights attract our attention very easily, and that’s exactly what LED video walls offer. LEDs are very bright, which makes them perfect for both day and night. 

  1. High Profitability 

LED video walls are more successful at advertising than traditional billboards. They have high profitability both for the advertisers and the advertising agencies. 

  1. Large Format 

The bigger the image or video is, the more likely it is that it grabs people’s attention. LED video walls can show high-quality videos in large format, making them perfect for advertisement.


Advertisement is a crucial part of every business and service. They need to be extremely effective, which requires using advertising methods that are effective. 

Digital LED video wall advertising is extremely effective due to its high luminosity, visual impact, flexibility, and large and flexible format. If you want better and more effective advertising, go for high-quality products offered by companies like Nummax