How to Go Through International Driver’s License Process

Driving a car or motorcycle is a thrilling way to explore a foreign city. Whether you’re behind the wheel of a car, riding a motorcycle to work, or zipping around town on a scooter, you need to be alert to the risks you face on the road and take measures to protect yourself.

Specifics of regional driving customs and legislation

You should know that driving and riding a motorcycle in a foreign country can differ drastically from your home country. Even in other nations often cited as being “similar” to Singapore.

When you make a series of bad choices, you put yourself in a difficult position. If you persist, you could endanger not only yourself but also those around you. As a result of road rage, you risk physical altercations with other drivers or perhaps being taken into custody and thrown in jail.

It is your responsibility to learn about and adhere to the local customs and norms

Find out what the regulations are and follow them. What side of the road must you drive on, to whom must you give way, and what are the other rules of the road?

Respect the established norms. Practice safe driving manoeuvres include merging, lane splitting, and signalling.

Determine which sort of international drivers license is necessary. Motorcycle licences, International Driver’s Permits, and Singaporen driver’s licences are all acceptable. A local permit might be needed for long-term rentals.

Learn more about the law so you can follow it

International Driver’s Licenses

You may need an international driving permit in addition to your Singaporen driver’s licence (IDP). Without a valid driver’s licence, you face arrest and incarceration if police stop your vehicle.

An IDP is a document recognised by the United Nations. It allows you to legally drive a car or motorcycle in an other country.


  • Currently active in over 150 countries worldwide
  • Contains translations into nine languages for use by local authorities.
  • Have an expiration date that is one year from the day they were issued.
  • With a photo ID and pertinent driver information included.

A current and valid IDP is typically required by car rental agencies. A number of insurance policies won’t pay out if you get into an accident while driving without the required licences.

Where to find assistance in other countries?

If you find yourself in a bind when overseas and need help right away, don’t hesitate to contact the local authorities.

Those in charge on a regional level. If you are involved in a car accident or see a crime on the road, you should contact the police immediately. You may need the police report to file a claim with your travel insurance company.

Hospital. Seek local medical attention if you’ve been wounded.

Corporation that rents out spaces. Any problems you have with the rented car should be reported to the rental agency.

People you know and care about, especially if you don’t have enough money saved up or health insurance to cover everything.

Protect your trip with a travel insurance policy. Get in touch with your trip insurance company. Most also include toll-free phone numbers, so you can call them whenever you choose.

The Singaporen government has few options for helping its nationals who are temporarily or permanently residing abroad. As is usually the case, you should exhaust all other options before turning to us for help. Read the Consular Services Charter to find out more about the organisation responsible for providing these services.