How To Bake Potatoes In The Microwave

Having a microwave baked potato is one of the methods you should consider trying out. While the microwave method may not come out like the oven-baked method which is usually crispy and crunchy-like, it is definitely fluffy and yummy. This is a go-to meal for you at any time of the day. It is a very light meal and easy to prepare. All you need to do is follow the instructions here and you have your potato ready in no time at all. 

Here is how to prepare your microwave baked potato. First, you need to get all your ingredients ready. You need to get your salt, pepper,  any cheese of your choice, you can also add your salt at this stage. It is not a must that all ingredients be added but if you are considering adding any, you can add later. Next, wash your potatoes to remove dirt and stain, remove with your knife any part that has spots or growth and rub the potato with little olive oil. Your microwave with the outer layer of the potato, it is better this way and highly nutritious. Then, place your potato In a microwave bowl or plate. Drill holes in the two sides of the potato. Make sure it is up to six holes. It will help when microwaving. The steam coming out of the potato will evaporate through the holes. 

It is best to microwave the same size of the potato because the size affects how fast the potato bakes. If the potato is small, it tends to microwave early, if you want it to be ready at the same time, set aside the same size of potato for microwaving. If the sizes are not equal, you will need to check them from time to time to ensure that each one is ready. You can remove the ones that are ready and put back any potato that is not ready, set your timer and you are good to go. The baking time also depends on your microwave type and capacity. 

Check if your microwave baked potato is ready and you can bring it out from the microwave and serve while adding butter, cheese, or hot sauce. You are free to add anything you want to garnish your baked potato. 

 This time-saving delicious meal is all you need for breakfast before dashing off to take your college exams or to attend that job interview.