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Bring The Outdoor Beauty Inside With Impact Doors

Impact doors don’t simply show off their sophisticated look, but are a great advantage to install as a strong under the force of natural disasters; flying debris or the force of hurricane winds. The impact doors miami have passed the rigorous high-velocity hurricane zone test.

The advantage of impact glass doors

Impact glass is also called hurricane-resistant glass as it can withstand severe weather conditions. It is an essential component of a home in an area affected by severe weather. But, it is tough to know if the home offers the protection you expect and need, especially if you did not install some features. However, there are steps to take to safeguard the home and the family in times of extreme weather to ensure the home is equipped with weather-resistant impact glass.

The Impact Doors Miami glass professionals review what makes impact glass essential for home projects, especially in extreme weather glass. How to tell that your door is made with impact glass? You can see these traces on the impact glass:

  • Permanent etched mark
  • Temporary label
  • Visible multiple reflections

Why is impact glass different?

The impact glass is designed to safeguard a home during extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes. The standard glass windows are made of a layer of glass called float glass. The float glass breaks into the large shards when something hits it. These shards are not only extremely sharp and dangerous but open window leaves a home interior vulnerable to the following:

  • wind
  • rain
  • debris from raging storm

Door glass is different from window glass. The doors are made with tempered glass designed to break into small and harmless pieces. The tempered glass is heated and then quickly cooled to produce tension and strengthen the glass forcing the glass to break into small pieces when impact.

But, the tempered glass shatters. So, it is not a perfect solution for homes that are affected by severe weather and hurricanes. The solution will be the impact glass. The impact glass is made by filling two pieces of glass to the interior resin layer, making it incredibly strong.

Rather than shattering upon impact, the glass pieces keep adhering to resin, which leaves the windows broken, but intact. The home’s interior is protected. Impact glass is the best option as a building material for residential homes in areas impacted by hurricanes and is used to build extreme weather-resistant doors and windows.