Ask these 3 questions when meeting a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia

You cannot ever be prepared to deal with the aftermath of a slip-and-fall accident or a car crash. If you suffered injuries due to someone’s negligence, intent, or fault, you could file a personal injury lawsuit. Pennsylvania laws support the victim, but winning a personal injury case is rarely simple. The other party would expectedly deny their role, and insurance companies (if involved) are infamous for their tactics. Thankfully, you can find Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys for help. Before you hire an attorney, here are three questions you must ask. 

“Do you have relevant experience?”

The overall domain of personal injury law is huge. The approach and strategy for a medical malpractice case would be very different from that of a product defect-related lawsuit. Relevant experience in handling similar or equivalent cases is a key factor for selecting a lawyer. The good part is most law firms in Philadelphia will offer a free consultation session with one of their injury lawyers. You don’t have to pay anything to know the attorney. 

“What is my injury claim worth?”

Just because you suffered injuries in an accident doesn’t mean you can expect a huge settlement. It all depends on the evidence, facts, and circumstances of the accident. With their experience and skills, an injury lawyer can explain the worth of your claim. Keep in mind that no lawyer can ever promise an exact outcome. If a lawyer guarantees an amount in settlement, it is a red flag. However, your lawyer can certainly share what you can expect from the lawsuit. 

“How much would you charge?”

Usually, lawyers charge a contingency fee for all injury claims and lawsuits. For example, if your lawyer asks for a contingency fee of 35% and you get $10,000 in a settlement, you will have to pay $3,500 to the attorney as their fee. However, the lawyer cannot ask for a fee if you don’t win. It is best to get an estimate of the fee and other expenses of the case in advance. Sometimes, lawyers have to spend money investigating a case, and they can advance these costs until you get paid. 

Final word

If you want to shortlist injury lawyers in Philadelphia, you can check online on websites like Google and Nolo. Talk to an attorney in person and discuss your concerns before taking the next steps. Your injury claim deserves the best expertise and help.