All You Need To Know The Top Batsmen In IPL History

IPL has turned out to be a source of entertainment for all the cricket buffs. It is gone on to innovate and add a new dimension to the game of T – 20 cricket. Among the most dangerous batsman of IPL, here are a few of them that has captured the attention of the masses. It is not only their hitting abilities but time and time again they have turned in worthy performances. You can check today news IPL score for their latest updates. The list goes as follows.

AB De Villers

From his bat, you could get a shower of sixes, and his formidable technique has gone on to beat the fiercest of them. He is a 360-degree versatile player and in IPL he has conferred the tag of being a superman. Building an innings and clinching victory in the last overs, is an art and who better than the great man? In the last few years, he has gone on to showcase how the tournament is to be played.

Chris Gayle

Universal boss as he is popularly known as is an ambassador for T- 20 cricket. He is credited for having scored the fastest century in IPL cricket off 30 balls. It was during these innings he touched the highest score of 175 runs against Pune Warrior. During the innings, he did not leave a single bowler among the clutches. But in the last few years, his consistency has fallen. There is a strong possibility that his best days in IPL may be far from over.

David Warner

A man of cricket but by no means, he cannot be classified as a warrior. Often it has come to the fore that he has become the 3rd most dangerous player in the history of IPL. He is one of the few players in the history of IPL who has gone on to breach the 5000-run mark. His strike rate and average are right among the top who have played IPL. In the initial stages of IPL, he went on to play for Delhi and then moved over to Sunrisers. He went on to captain them in 2015.

Virat Kohli

The former captain of the Indian cricket team, he was been with RCB since their inception in IPL. In the last few years, he went on to claim that he would not be leading the franchise and entrusted the captainship band to someone else. This is a true display of his attitude, though he has never gone on to win an IPL title. He is one of the few captains who is known for his killer attitude in IPL.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The old war house is not going to end anytime soon. You can ask fans in IPL about CSK and the name MSD comes to the top. In the first year of IPL, he led the team to the trophy and in the second year, he finished runners. He is one of the few Indian captains who have 3 ICC trophies in his kitty. Not only he is a worthy captain but he is considered to be one of the most dangerous players in the history of IPL.

Andre Russell

A tall lanky all-rounder who is well-known for his hard-hitting abilities. Though his performance has been stellar till this point in time he has his fair share of injuries that have been a cause of concern. His career graph with KKR took off in 2015. At this point, he was able to contribute with the bat and ball in a major way. In due course of time, he went on to join the big-hitting club. His strike rate ranks among the top players who have played the game.

Suresh Raina

The Mr Dependable player from CSK recently hung up his boots who played the game of IPL. But since the fiasco with CSK management in Dubai, he has never been the same sort of player before. His records speak for themselves and are one of the few players who have scored 400 + runs in 3 seasons. For this reason, he ranks among the most dangerous players who have played the game of IPL During the two-year gap of CSK he went on to take up the leadership role with one of the other franchises. He is known as Mr IPL

Kieron Pollard

The world cup of 2011 went on to produce many superstars and this man was right up there. Recently he hang up his boots but he is an instant hit among the various T – 20 leagues all over the world. Due to his hard-hitting abilities, he could clear the boundaries with relative ease. After having joined MI in 2010 he continues to be with them till this point in time. In the IPL circles, he is referred to as Mr Destroyer. He has helped his franchise win 5 IPL titles and this is a testimony of his abilities. He has a strike rate that is close to 150.

Hardik Pandya

An innovative and adventurous cricket player the season of 2022 was their breakthrough season for him. No one expected him to take the Gujarat franchise to an IPL title. It is worth mentioning that we saw another version of the great player that the world has never seen. Though his performance with MI was nothing short of outstanding. He is one of the few Indian all-rounders who has gone on to set the IPL stage on fire. But in recent times the performance has rolled over to the international scene.

Glenn Maxwell

Also referred to as Maxie, he is a superstar in Australian cricket. Ever since 2014 he has gone on to showcase his big-hitting skills in the world of IPL. His memorable season was in the year 2014 when he went on to win the Orange cap and took his franchise Punjab to the final. Of late his performances in the IPL have translated to the international arena. Despite all this he is one of the most dangerous batsman of IPL.

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