Hawaiian Telecom has the fastest Internet speed. Hawaii has fewer ISP choices than the other states, native residents can still access blazing-fast speeds because of Hawaiian Telcom. With over 94% coverage, Hawaiian Telcom offers the quickest speeds and therefore the most cost-effective rates. If you like reliable service, we have a tendency to advocate trying into Hawaiian Telcom for all of your communications needs.

However, Hawaiian Telcom lives up to its name as a quick and reliable provider. Whether you’re buying your home or business, it offers transfer speeds to support significant usage. You’ll choose from three tiers, as well as 500 Mbps, 750 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps. First-time customers even get one month free after they check-in for internet or bundle services.

Speaking of bundles, are you curious about knocking out all of your home communication with one provider? Hawaiian Telcom offers additional worth with unlimited data, free installations, and whole-home WiFi. Costs begin as low as $59.99/mo. with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore you’ll rest assured you made the correct choice.

Hawaiian Telcom Coverage Areas

This ISP encompasses a coverage area that spans over 95% of the Hawaiian islands, its services on the market to a calculable 1.2 million households. It offers each residential and business service and prides itself on providing clients with native, active support with 24/7 customer support.

Packages Of Hawaiian Telecom TV

Basic TV

The basic TV of Hawaiian Telecom offers 30+ local and international channels. The channels which are included in the package are as follows,






Olelo OAHU



Advantage TV

The advantage TV package of Hawaiian Telecom has 175+ local, international, and cable channels. The channels included in the package are as follows;






Comedy Central

Food Network


The features available in this package are listed below;

  • Complete Home DVR
  • Pay per View
  • Premium Channels

Advantage Plus TV

The Advantage Plus TV package of Hawaiian Telecom has 230+ local, cable and premium channels. The channels included in this package are mentioned below;


NFL Network




MLB Network

Disney Channel

The Movie Channel

The additional features of this package are as follows:

  • Complete Home DVR
  • Pay per view
  • Premium Channels

Hawaiian Telecom TV and Internet Bundle

This bundle includes TV + Internet services. The price of this bundle is $49.99/month for each service. It is bundled for the first two years of service. 

500 Mbps Internet speed

Premier channels are included

Top local, cable, regional channels

285+ channels

Has fastest upload speed 

Essential Bundle

This bundle includes HDTV and fiber internet. The cost of this package is $69.99 per month for the first two years and after that, the prices may change. 

Download speed of up to 500 Mbps

Upload speed of up to 300 Mbps

55+ channels of Basic TV

TV all over the apps

Premier included

Internet can be connected to 10 devices

Complete Home WiFi

Choice Bundle

This bundle includes both fiber internet and HDTV. The cost of this bundle is $99.98 per month for the first two years and after that the prices will be changed. 

Download speed of up to 500 Mbps

Upload speed of up to 300 Mbps

285+ HD channels of advantage TV

TV all over the apps

Premier included

The Internet can be connected to 10 devices

Complete Home WiFi

Ultimate Bundle

This bundle includes both HDTV and fiber internet. The price of this package is $114.98 per month for the first 2 years and will be changed after that.

Download speed of up to 500 Mbps

Upload speed of up to 300 Mbps

395+ HD channels of advantage Plus TV

TV all over the apps

Premier included

The Internet can be connected to 10 devices

Complete Home WiFi

Hawaiian Telcom TV Services

HD Channels

expertise the simplest HD entertainment with Hawaiian Telcom TV. Add HD to any TV package to look at crystal-clear channels. 

Sports Channels

select from a good form of sports channels from Advantage TV or Advantage and TV packages, or add HD and sports channels to any tv package.

Premium Channels

Add a Premium motion-picture show package to catch all of your favorites and also the latest hit movies. Plus, international packages are offered along with your favorite channels from Japan, China, Vietnam, and also the Philippines.


The Hawaiian Telcom TV device is intuitive and universal. The controls are straightforward to understand, and the remote is compatible with the hottest TVs. Browse many channels on the Hawaiian Telcom TV guide.

Set-Top Box

The set-top cable box is little and unobtrusive, nonetheless it’s technologically sophisticated. The box is powerful enough to produce all of the newest options you’ve full-grown to expect with cable TV.

Wireless Router

The Wireless Router allows your in-home WLAN and whole-home coverage. The wireless router permits you to customize your wireless network with a novel name and password. Plus, it’s easy to reset.

Hawaiian Telcom Cable TV options

Enhance your expertise with high-definition TV and over three hundred channels of pleasurable diversion. These features are obtainable with Hawaiian Telcom cable TV.

Channel Packages

Opt for a package that supports your favorite TV channels. Binge your favorite shows or catch the most recent motion picture on in-style cable networks, Premium movie channels, or On Demand. Browse the channel catalog to search out the most effective sports, news, and family-oriented programming.

Whole-Home DVR

Record up to six shows at the same time to look at once if you want. Catch hours of unbelievable entertainment with 500 hours of storage available—schedule and manage recordings from anyplace utilizing the Remote DVR on-line app. Plus, the DVR permits users to record, pause, and play live TV.

Manage Account

Utilize this feature to simply keep track of all of your services from one location, as well as to check payment outstanding and to pay your bill. You’ll be able to report issues, request service, add channels, or upgrade your service from this account management feature.

TV all over

Watch your TV channels anywhere in your home or far from home on your moveable devices – laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Follow your favorite teams, or binge your favorite shows whereas you’re on the go. Take full advantage of your TV package with TV all over apps.

Stream live TV and On Demand programming to any of your devices. transfer any of the channel apps to any of your devices – computer, smartphone, tablet, or game console – to stream your TV subscription anyplace you’re connected to WiFi.

TV Apps

Along with side-channel apps, Hawaiian Telcom offers more informative apps to stay you updated along with your entertainment.

Dashboard App

The dashboard combines On Demand, Weather Channel, and How-To Guides for straightforward access.

New App

Get the most recent info on Hawaiian Telcom TV features, updates, offers, free previews, and so on

Multiview App

Watch your diversion on up to four channels on up to three TVs simultaneously.

Ray Music App

Ray Music channels are enclosed with each Hawaiian Telcom TV subscription.

Ray vocalizing App

ray vocalizing is ideal for entertaining. sing with 12,000+ songs from the catalog.

Native Weather App

Check the weather and 6-day forecast for North, East, South, Central, and West areas of Oahu.

Native Surf App

Check Oahu water sport conditions, as well as wave and swell heights and wind conditions.

Native Tide App

Get the most recent info on tides, and resolve sunrise and sunset times.

Native On-Demand

Get free local programming along with your Hawaiian Telcom TV subscription. These on-demand local channels are obtainable anytime.

Community & Culture

Get local people content, just like the creation of Hawaiian quilts and Hawaii Cattle’ paniolo culture.


At-home learning resources from The Children’ Discovery Center.


Watch nice native programming from Dan Neves, RKT Media, Punahou High School, and more.

News & Technology

Live COVID-19 topics and discussions from the Hawai’i govt Collaborative.


keep in form with a full catalog of yoga and Pilates videos to stay you active and healthy.

Hawaiian Telcom client Support

Hawaiian Telcom’s technical support is out there 24/7. If you’ve got any queries or concerns, you’ll email or call Hawaiian Telcom at 1-844-945-2202 day or night.