5 Most Healthiest Low Calorie Bottled Drinks You Should Try

Most bottled drinks are pricy and packed with calories. But there are some bottled drinks that are healthy and contain the lowest calories. So, to keep yourself hydrated and energized, you can try these drinks. You don’t need to put the effort into making drinks at home, just grab them from the store, put them in your double door bar fridge and enjoy chilled drinks. 

Rebel Kitchen’s Organic Matcha Mylk 

Rebel Kitchen is providing healthy, sustainable, and plant-based milk alternatives to its customers. The taste of their products is mind-blowing. We can say Rebel Kitchen is revolutionizing the food for everyone. You can say their organic Match Mylk is holy yum! Before tasting it, I thought it would taste like other matcha beverages that we buy from the market. But it wasn’t like the other grainy and bitter matcha beverages. 

It is made with four ingredients that are organic matcha powder, organic coconut milk, spring water, and organic date nectar. You can try this healthy, low-calorie bottled drink. Although it contains date nectar, it is not too sweet.

OZ BEET, Organic Beetroot Juice 

The dark purple color of this bottled drink looks amazing. It is made with beetroot juice that is almost 90% of its content. It helps to maintain a healthy weight and controls the blood pressure level. It also helps to prevent cancer and slows down the progression of dementia. Beetroot juice is also a good source of potassium and minerals.

Moreover, this bottled drink is healthy as beetroot juice is rich in dietary nitrate. When dietary nitrate enters the bloodstream, it turns into Nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide provides many health benefits. It can boost stamina too. So, you can try it before a workout.

Raw C Coconut Water 

If you are searching for the lowest-sugar coconut water, go for raw c coconut water. It contains natural sugar only 2.9g per 100ml. Coconut water is a good source of several nutrients and has antioxidant properties. This drink also has many benefits against diabetes. It not only prevents diabetes but also helps in maintaining the sugar level. Moreover, it prevents kidney stones, and reduces blood pressure. 

Raw C Coconut water is beneficial after prolonged exercise. With Raw C coconut water, you are getting 100% natural coconut water with no added sugar and no preservatives. It doesn’t have a fake flavor like a scented candle. So, must give this drink a try. Sparkling coconut water is a more portable option as compared to the whole coconut when you are out. It is cheaper too. Coconut water is a delicious part of smoothies too. 

BLK Enhanced Alkaline Mineral Water 

BLK is black, but what actually makes spring water black? Fulvic acid is added to natural spring water that boosts spring water with natural electrolytes and trace minerals. The manufacturer of this bottled drink claims that this drink helps you to stay hydrated. The pH of this drink is relatively high that helps the body to stay in balance as it helps to neutralize acidity. 

Fulvic acid trace minerals give it its color. It contains more than 50 trace minerals. It also makes striking ice cubes. It’s fun to drink BLK. So, enjoy this healthy, low-calorie drink. 

FLAVR, A Natural Water Enhancer 

FLAVR looks like a lip balm. It is used as a natural water enhancer. You can keep it in your handbag or even in your pocket. The amazing thing about FLAVR is that it contains zero sugar. Moreover, it has zero carbs. It also contains no artificial flavor and artificial color. So, you can easily add it to your water and can enjoy it. 

You can find different flavors in this. But we suggest you give a try to lime vanilla. Just add a couple of drops of lime vanilla to your water bottle and you are done. You can try FLAVR in sparkling or still water.